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Thursday, February 27, 2014



Are your skylight windows fogging up, leaking and showing signs of condensation during these friged months? It's no surprise to anyone, the Chicago land and western suburbs are experiencing the worst winter in decades and top 5 worst ever. Our homes are constantly being tested and their strength compromised. We're seeing several cases of skylights experiencing condensation, with signs of sweating and leakiness. Yes, it's normal for warm air to rise and make contact with a cold surface (the skylight glass), creating the foggy, sweating affect. The big worry is routing drywall, mildew, deteriorating insulation, floor damage and future skylight and/or roof leaking. That being said, The Ram has a simple DIY list of things you can do to help prevent this.


The colder it is outside the lower the humidity setting on your humidifier and furnace should be. Check your humidity setting.


Turn on a ceiling fan close to the skylight to help keep the heat from rising to the skylight(s).


During the extreme cold, run the exhaust fan in the nearest bathroom and/or kitchen.


CALL THE RAM FOR A FULL INSPECTION AND CONSULTATION - $150 for a thorough skylight, roof, and attic inspection.



Free Attic Inspection - See What Damage Winter Has Done

Friday, March 08, 2013

Find out what kind of damage this harsh Chicagoland winter has caused your roof with a free Dyna Deals Attic Inspection. The sun is shinning and temps are fluctuating from thaw to freeze every day. This weather causes serious damages and minor compromises to the condition of your roof, and your home as a whole. We can detect the compromises and damage by inspecting your attic. We also calculate how well your insulation is operating, find small and large leaks, and evaluate the overall longevity of your current roof. 


Learn more about this Dyna Deal and see other great Chicagoland area roofing deals here - Dyna Deal - Free Attic Inspection


$500 Instant Savings On New Siding and Roofing Projects

Friday, March 01, 2013



For a limited time only, Dyna-Flow is offering $500 off all complete roofing and siding packages.


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Roofing & Custom Cupola On A 100 Year Old Barn

Thursday, February 21, 2013
Last fall we were pleased to restore a historical barn roof for our customer, which included installation of 2 new custom cupolas. Considering the historical value and sensitive age of the structure, our customer found DFC Roofing to be trustworthy and adequately fit for the job. Upon sheeting and shingling the barn, we installed the copulas. Take a look at our video for some of the copula highlights. Great job by Tim (lead carpenter) and crew!   

DFC Roofing does the job right. We are highly skilled, experienced and trained to take any roofing project, no matter how unique. 

Save Your Current Flat Roof and Naturally Cool Your Home While Saving On Utilities!

Friday, February 15, 2013

White reflective roofing is not only a solution to cooling your home naturally and sealing your old tar flat roof, but it is also becoming a Chicago & Chicagoland area standard. From Elgin to Aurora to Naperville to Chicago - Green roofing is becoming mandatory, and DFC Roofing makes it easy and cost effective.

Elastomeric coating systems extend the life of your current tar roof. They also reflect the sun rays away from your home, keeping it naturally cool. Dyna-Flow's green roof solutions are extremely environmentally friendly, and much cheaper than replacing your old tar roof. The coating is applied directly over your old roofing - sealing it completely. Our white, reflective roofing solutions are guaranteed for over 10 years. They will save you 20-30% on cooling costs, and will keep your roof & attic up to 40 degrees cooler. 

Our team of roofing professionals are trained to ensure proper application of elastomeric or white roof coating. Our white roof, green roofing systems thoroughly protect your existing roof and include full flashing and sealing.

Interested in more details? Contact DFC Roofing TODAY! 

Green Roofing Solution - Chicagoland area white roofs - Reflective Roofs

Roof Gardens - The Future of Commercial & Residential Roof Efficiency

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Roof gardens have been around for thousands of years. They are recently being promoted in large urban areas to improve the quality of life of the people that live and work there by livening the scenery, freshening the air, and decreasing the incidence of heat islands. They also tend to attract urban fowl by providing a green refuge in a sea of concrete. The benefits of the modern Roof Garden have been demonstrated by the US Green Building Council's endorsement of these systems through the LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certification program. Dyna-Flow is proud to offer design and installation of Carlisle’s Roof Garden Systems.

Watch the Carlisle video for more information.


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